Nitrogen- vs. Phosphorus-Based Manure and Compost Management of Corn

This study evaluates the impact of a change from N-based application of manure and compost without incorporation to a P-based (crop-removal) management system with immediate incorporation of manure on corn silage yield and quality, and (ii) soil nitrate, phosphorus, and potassium

Sadeghpour A, Ketterings Q, Godwin GS and Czymmek KJ
Agronomy Journal 2016 Journal Article

Under- or over-application of nitrogen impact corn yield, quality, soil, and environment

This study conducts a 5 year study to determine the impact of N fertilizer on corn silage yield, quality, soil properties, farm economics, and nitrogen-use efficiency (NUE)

Sadeghpour A, Ketterings QM, Godwin GS, and Czymmek KJ
Agronomy Journal 2017 Journal Article

Shifting from N-based to P-based manure management maintains soil test phosphorus dynamics in a long

This study evaluates corn fertility management change from N-based applications of manure and compost to a P removal based management of manure and composted separated dairy solids on soil P dynamics over a 5-year corn and 5-year alfalfa rotation

Sadeghpour A, Ketterings QM, Godwin G, and Czymmek KJ
Agronomy for Sustainable Development 2017 Journal Article

Nitrogen use efficiencies to grow, feed, and recycle manure from the major diet components feed

This study quantifies soil N input incorporation into the major diet components fed to dairy cows, diet component N secretions in milk N and excretion in manure N constituents, and manure N recycled back through the feed supply

Powell JM, Barros T, Danes M, Aguerre M, et al.
Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 2017 Journal Article

Simulating microbial denitrification with EPIC: Model description and evaluation

This paper describes a process-based microbial denitrification submodel implemented in EPIC and tests and tests its ability to reproduce experimental data exhibiting a non-linear response of N2O fluxes to incremental rates of N application

Izaurralde CR, McGill WB, Williams JR, Jones CD et al.
Ecological Modeling 2017 Journal Article

Managing Manure Nitrogen to Reduce Losses

This fact sheet describes different manure management strategies to minimize nitrogen loss while mitigating harmful emissions

Aguirre-Villegas HA, Larson RA, and Ruark MD
UW-Extension Learning Store 2018 Fact Sheet

Dairy Cow Nitrogen Efficiency

This fact sheet highlights one of the main strategies to increase nitrogen use efficiency and reduce nitrogen loss through urine excretion by reducing the ingestion of crude protein, which must be done with caution to avoid underfeeding

Aguirre-Villegas HA, Wattiaux, M, Larson R, Chase L, et al.
UW-Extension Learning Store 2018 Fact Sheet

Effects of Manure Storage Additives on Manure Composition and Greenhouse Gas and Ammonia Emissions

This study explores the effects of manure additives, i.e., Pro-Act Biotech (Pro-Act), and biochar, on stored manure and quantifies their effects on manure solids, nitrogen losses, and GHG emissions in two separate trails

Holly MA and Larson RA
Transactions of the ASABE 2017 Journal Article

Soil aggregate and particulate C and N under corn rotations: responses to management and correlation

This study describes the aggregate and particulate soil C and N in a productive Mollisol under three annual grain systems and investigates the correlations across rotations

Cates AM and Ruark MD
Plant and Soil 2017 Journal Article

The N Cycle Module 1. The N cycle

Presents the N cycle in an interactive way and the major conversion processes: fixation, mineralization, nitrification, denitrification, ammonia volatilization, and immobilization. Also presents nitrate leaching and crop uptake

Cornell Extension USA / NY Fact Sheet

N cycle Soil N cycle

Provides a basic description and diagran of the N cycle in soils (oriented mainly to crops)

Iowa State USA / IA 2012 Fact Sheet

Nitrogen cycle Soil and applied nitrogen

Present the basics of N fixation, reactions in the soil, N loss mechanisms, sources of N, and environmental effects

UW Madison USA / WI 1998 Fact Sheet

Nitrogen, ammonia emissions and the dairy cow

Explains how nitrogen fed to cows contributes to ammonia emissions and explores feeding strategies to reduce excess nitrogen in the diet.

Penn State Fact Sheet

Lowered protein diets to reduce nitrogen losses

Presents a description of how low can we go on lowered protein content diets without affecting milk production in order to improve nitrogen efficiency and reduce nitrogen losses from manure.

Penn State 2014 Fact Sheet

MUN can track ammonia emissions on dairy farms Easy does it with manure on alfalfa and grass

Explains how MUN can be use to measure the extend of ammonia emissions that escape into the environment in dairy production facilities

USDA / UW Madison USA / WI 2011 Fact Sheet

N emissions from dairy farms Using MUN to reduce N emissions from dairy farms

Explains how Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN) can be used to reduce nitrogen emissions from dairy farms. Present a great graphic description of the N cycle in the cow

USDA / UW Madison USA / WI 2014 Fact Sheet

Diet strategies to reduce amounts of Nitrogen and Phosphorous in dairy rations

Presents strategies to balance rations and group and feed animals according to their nutrient needs.

Virginia Tech 2009 Fact Sheet

N Basics - the N cycle N Basics - The nitrogen cycle (Fact sheet #2)

N, crops and the environment; N cycle; fixation; mineralization; nitrification; denitrification; volatilization; immovilization; leaching; crop uptake

Johnson et al.
Cornell Extension USA / NY 2005 Fact Sheet