Potential use of milk urea nitrogen to abate atmospheric nitrogen emissions from Wisconsin dairy far

This study evaluates how associative changes in dietary crude protein, milk urea nitrogen, and urinary urea nitrogen affect atmospheric nitrogen emissions from dairy farms while discussing challenges and opportunities

Powell JM, Rotz CA, and Wattiaux MA
Journal of Environmental Quality 2014 Journal Article

Nitrogen use efficiencies to grow, feed, and recycle manure from the major diet components feed

This study quantifies soil N input incorporation into the major diet components fed to dairy cows, diet component N secretions in milk N and excretion in manure N constituents, and manure N recycled back through the feed supply

Powell JM, Barros T, Danes M, Aguerre M, et al.
Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 2017 Journal Article

Simulating microbial denitrification with EPIC: Model description and evaluation

This paper describes a process-based microbial denitrification submodel implemented in EPIC and tests and tests its ability to reproduce experimental data exhibiting a non-linear response of N2O fluxes to incremental rates of N application

Izaurralde CR, McGill WB, Williams JR, Jones CD et al.
Ecological Modeling 2017 Journal Article

Nitrogen cycle Soil and applied nitrogen

Present the basics of N fixation, reactions in the soil, N loss mechanisms, sources of N, and environmental effects

UW Madison USA / WI 1998 Fact Sheet

N2O emissions from crops Research Shows Soybeans Provide Consistent Reduction in Nitrous Oxide Emissions

Provides findings that soybean crops reduce field emissions of nitrous oxide

Iowa State USA / IA 2014 Fact Sheet

Ammonia emissions in dairy farms and fields Abating ammonia emissions from dairy barns and fields

Presents strategies to reduce ammonia emissions in manure and from the soil after manure application

USDA / UW Madison USA / WI Fact Sheet

N Basics - the N cycle N Basics - The nitrogen cycle (Fact sheet #2)

N, crops and the environment; N cycle; fixation; mineralization; nitrification; denitrification; volatilization; immovilization; leaching; crop uptake

Johnson et al.
Cornell Extension USA / NY 2005 Fact Sheet