Measurement of Greenhouse Gas Flux from Agricultural Soils Using Static Chamber

This paper discusses the most prevalent and easily implemented form of chamber-based techniques used to measure GHG emissions

Collier SM, Ruark MD, Oates LG, Jokela WE, et al.
Journal of Visualized Experiments 2014 Journal Article

Soil properties under nitrogen- vs phosphorus-based manure and compost management of corn

This study evaluates the influence of a change from N-based applications of manure and compost (without incorporation) to P-removal-based management of manure (immediate tillage incorporation) and composted separated dairy solids on soil pH, soil organic matter and soil carbon

Sadeghpour A, Ketterings QM, Vermeylen F, Godwin GS, et al
Soil Science Society of America Journal 2016 Journal Article

Apparent Stability and Subtle Change in Surface and Subsurface Soil Carbon and Nitrogen under a Long Surface and Subsurface Soil Carbon and Nitrogen under a Long-Term Fertilizer Gradient

Uncertainty exists regarding the depth and extent to which agricultural practices affect soil properties, in particular soil organic C (SOC). In this study we examined the impact of 53 years of continuous corn receiving varying rates of inorganic N fertilizer with complete stover return on soil properties including SOC, total N, and bulk density (BD) to a depth of 1 meter.

Collier, SM, Ruark MD, Naber MR, Andraski TW et al.
Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 2017 Journal Article

N cycle Soil N cycle

Provides a basic description and diagran of the N cycle in soils (oriented mainly to crops)

Iowa State USA / IA 2012 Fact Sheet

Tillage No-tillage impacts on soil carbon, nitrogen, and water

Describes the advantages and disadvantages of tillage (including N loss)

Iowa State USA / IA 2012 Fact Sheet

Nitrogen cycle Soil and applied nitrogen

Present the basics of N fixation, reactions in the soil, N loss mechanisms, sources of N, and environmental effects

UW Madison USA / WI 1998 Fact Sheet

Cover crops Considerations for cover crops in 2012

Present some considerations to use or not cover crops including trapping nitrate and getting N back

Matt Ruark
UW Madison USA / WI 2012 Fact Sheet

Soil management Climate change and soil management in field crops

Presents ways of managing the soil to reduce CO2 and N2O.

Steinke and Snapp
Michigan State USA / MI 2013 Fact Sheet