Life Cycle and Economic Assessment of Anaerobic Co-digestion of Dairy Manure and Food Waste

A comprehensive life cycle and financial analysis shows anaerobic co-digestion of dairy manure and food wastes is a preferable solution for waste management and bioenergy production in terms of environmental and economic performance when compared to a control system that anaerobically digests dairy manure but landfills food wastes.

Industrial Biotechnology 2015 Journal Article

Climate change and livestock: Impacts, adaptation, and mitigation

This study reviews the global impacts of climate change on livestock production, the contribution of livestock production to climate change, and specific climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in the livestock sector.

Climate Risk Management 2017 Journal Article

Carbon and water footprint of U.S. milk, from farm to table

The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy with support from the Dairy Research Institute has begun a rigorous, innovative, life cycle assessment-based program to study and reduce the environmental footprint of the U.S. dairy industry.

Miller, G.D. and Y. Wang
International Dairy Journal 2013 Journal Article

Spatial Variability and Uncertainty of Water Use Impacts from U.S. Feed and Milk Production

This paper addresses water use impacts of agriculture, developing a spatially explicit approach tracing the location of water use and water scarcity related to feed production, transport, and livestock, tracking uncertainties and illustrating the approach with a case study on dairy production in the United States. This approach was developed as a step to bring spatially variable production and impacts into a process-based life cycle assessment (LCA) context.

Andrew D. Henderson, Olivier Jolliet et al.
Environmental Science and Technology 2017 Journal Article